Return of Tri-County Gun Club to USPSA.

Columbia Cascade Section is pleased to announce the return of Tri-County Gun Club to USPSA.

TCGC will host a monthly USPSA Level I Match the 3rd Sunday of each Month.

The March 2021 match will feature one classier plus five field courses inspired by the 2020 Caribbean Open and Puerto Rico Tiro Practico Matches.  Registration will open Sunday night, March 14th at 5PM Pacific Time Parcitscore.

Quick shout out to everyone who provided feedback, support and guidance to help get us back. Thank you!

Dundee Jan 23 – Single Stack Challenge

This delayed Single Stack Challenge will be held on Jan 23.

In 2020 we had 21 people in the division and Keith won the match by 8%. Let’s see if we can get a few more and chip away at that 8%.

Find your holster and bring out your Single Stack and have some beginning of the season fun.

Registration for Dundee Practical Shooters – Single Stack Challenge – Jan 23 2021 opens on Sunday January 17 at 6pm.