Schedule Disclaimer

  • Recurring monthly matches may be canceled due to weather or schedule conflict
  • Please contact the host club and organizers to verify the information in the calendar.

Listing of matches is provided as a courtesy to those who may be interested and to the MDs.  Some matches may have certain requirements for participation (organization membership, MD invitation/approval, etc.) or a ‘different’ and ‘less documented’ rules set; none of that information should be expected here. If you have any uncertainty about any of a match’s details, then contact the MD several days prior to the match for clarification (please allow a few days for the MD to respond).

1st Saturday

  • Steel @ EPS (Eugene)
  • Mixed Steel @ CPS (December – March)

1st Sunday

  • Speed Steel @ TCGC

2nd Saturday

  • Practical Rifle @ TCGC

2nd Sunday

  • Multi-Gun @ ARPC
  • 3gun @ CPS (April – October)

3rd Saturday

  • IDPA @ EPS (Eugene)
  • Mixed Steel @ CPS (November – February)
  • IDPA @ CPS (April – October)

The day immediately before the 3rd Sunday (which is usually the 3rd Saturday – but not always)

  • CQB Multi-Gun @ TCGC

3rd Sunday

  • IDPA @ CPS (March – November)

4th Saturday

  • USPSA @ Dundee no match in December
  • Mixed Steel @ CPS (April – November)

4th Sunday

  • Tactical Match @ TCGC
  • Steel Challenge @ ARPC